Top 10 Bariatric Mistakes

10 Bariatric Post Op Mistakes!

​So you have had Bariatric Surgery and all of a sudden you are putting on weight!

During the first 6 months post op life is heaven. The weight drops off quicker than any time you have ever been on a diet. You can walk further and find yourself doing things you weren't able to, just 6 months prior!

Life, lets face FANTASTIC!​

And gets in the way. Old habits if not watched for can creep back in. Exercise seems to stop happening quite so frequently. And bit by bit, weight starts to creep back on!

What do you do? Well, you can simply bury your head in the sand. You could if you wanted to...stop reading here (no, please don't - really!)

However, there is help for you. We discovered this article last year and have found it very helpful.

Read it and digest it. Speak to your health team about the issues it brings up. DON'T you dare give up. You've had surgery for a reason.

Let us know if you found this post useful and click on the picture below. It takes you to the article!!


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