About The OBS Group

​What is the OBS Group?

We are a group of patients who have started a support group in Oxfordshire at the Manor Hospital, Oxford. Along with the assistance of the specialist Bariatric team at the Churchill Hospital, we meet to help people thinking about or who have already had weight loss surgery. This is open to anyone regardless of whether their surgery was done on the NHS or privately and irrespective of whether it was done in Oxford. It's a very informal meeting and we meet once a month for a chat, a coffee and to support each other. We regularly get surgeons, dietitians and other professional people along to give presentations to help with queries and problems that arise from weight loss surgery. There is a small cost involved for attending the meetings (currently £1.00) but the first meeting will be free. You are welcome to bring a helper or support person along with you and they do not have to pay at any of the meetings. Everything discussed within the group setting is strictly confidential to allow people to talk freely.​

We hope you find the group helpful and we look forward to seeing you at future meetings.

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