Gastric Band

Researching the various procedures is both helpful and advisable when deciding to have weight loss surgery and talking to former patients and gaining an insight of both life during and after surgery is hugely invaluable. This is where OBS Group comes in. Our group is made up of individuals who have had all three types of surgery and we are here to provide you with insights into our lives before and after our operations.

It is an adjustable device which is made of silicone and is placed around the top of the stomach. A thin tube connects an access port to the band. Your surgeon will make around four to five small cuts on your upper abdomen and this is known as keyhole surgery. This means that there are no large incisions which reduces the risks of surgery and allows for a quicker recovery time after surgery. Small instruments are guided by a special telescope with a camera in order to secure the band. The band is locked in position and sutured (stitched) into place. Each of your cuts are either glued or sutured following surgery.

How does it work?

The band works by creating a small pouch reducing the size of the stomach. Important stretch receptors are located at the top of your pouch. When these become stretched your body recognises that you have eaten enough. With a gastric band these receptors are stretched with a small volume of food. It is now thought that placing the band around your stomach can also help you to feel less hungry, however it is not fully understood how this works. People Often report that they no longer hungry between meals or pre-occupied by food. This may not happen straight after surgery and you may need a series of band adjustments to experience this. Increasing the amount of fluid in the band will place more pressure around the top of the stomach, this will help you if you are eating large volumes of solid food and/or are feeling physically hungry between your meals. You will need to eat very slowly and chew your food well after surgery, this will also help you to recognise these signals.

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