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Our group meet on a monthly basis. Although the meeting itself is confidential, from time to time, we as a group like to share something we have learned. The following blogs are either videos, journeys, or other mediums that we have found useful. The people and professionals involved with each blog have given their permission for you to see their post. Please feel free to post a comment underneath the post if you have found it useful/helpful. It would be amazing if you would share it on your Social Media page as well. Thanks 
Weight Maintenance Post Surgery
Caroline Fletcher is a Dietician with the Oxford Bariatric Surgery team at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. She gave a slide[...]
Time To Act On Obesity
​We would like to introduce you to a video that as a group we both found helpful and useful in[...]
Jason Southgate’s Journey
Jason Southgate is a member and his journey has been a true inspiration to so many of us.This video is[...]
The Eight Traits Of Emotional Hunger
After a Gastric Bypass you stop feeling hungry for a long period of time. Sometimes more than 18 months go[...]
10 Bariatric Post Op Mistakes!
​So you have had Bariatric Surgery and all of a sudden you are putting on weight!During the first 6 months[...]
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