Sleeve Gastrectomy 

Researching the various procedures is both helpful and advisable when deciding to have weight loss surgery and talking to former patients and gaining an insight of both life during and after surgery is hugely invaluable. This is where OBS Group comes in. Our group is made up of individuals who have had all three types of surgery and we are here to provide you with insights into our lives before and after our operations.

During this operation the fundus (left side) of the stomach is removed, leaving a banana shaped stomach. It has recently gained popularity with data reporting weight loss outcomes of 60-70% at 2 years and improved health outcomes. The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic which means you will be asleep during your operation. ​Your surgeon will make around four to five small cuts on your upper abdomen and this is known as keyhole surgery. This means that there are no large incisions which reduces the risks of surgery and allows for a quicker recovery time after surgery.

Small instruments are guided by a special telescope with a camera in order to perform this procedure. Around 80% of your stomach is removed thereby reducing the capacity of your stomach and a special staple device is used to seal the remaining banana shaped stomach. Finally each of your cuts are either glued or sutured following surgery.

How does it work?

Weight loss after a Sleeve Gastrectomy is partly achieved by the reduction in the size of the stomach. The small stomach is resistant to stretching and thereby helps you to feel satisfied with smaller portions of food. The second mechanism of weight loss results from changes in a gut hormone called ghrelin which is secreted in the fundus of the stomach which has now been removed. The reduction in this hormone causes a reduction in appetite so you feel less hungry. Other hormones are also likely to be involved which help you to feel satisfied with smaller portions of food. As a result of these hormonal changes , diabetic control can start to improve even before you lose weight in a similar way to the laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure. As with any of the alternative surgical procedures lifestyle and dietary changes are required to lose weight and improve your health. Weight regain is possible over time if you return to your previous eating behaviours and lifestyle.

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